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  1. In reguards to OC

    If your using a IWB holster and half the gun is in/under your pants are you open or concealed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 22-250 View Post
    If your using a IWB holster and half the gun is in/under your pants are you open or concealed?
    Laws vary from state to state. For a "legal" opinion, it's best to consult an attorney familiar with firearms laws for the jurisdiction(s) in question. You could also check the websites for the states that you're interested in for legal definitions.

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  4. Just interested for here in Michigan..

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    Here in Florida where OC is illegal, if you have your gun in an IWB and take your cover garment off, so the only concealment is the part inside the pants, then LEO is going to consider that OC and you will be in hot water.

    The standard here is "normal sight" and most individuals seeing a half exposed gun will recognize it as a gun with "normal sight" hense it is OC.

    My bet would be that Michigan is the same.

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    In Michigan the entire gun and holster has to be exposed when open carrying.

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    I have wondered about IWB because that is how I carry concealed. I like the gun close to my body in a holster molded specifically for the gun I'm carrying. I feel even stronger about that when I open carry. I do not like retention straps.

    The points to keep in mind are: It's either concealed or it's not. The law states; the handgun must be registered in Michigan and carried in a holster. I can not find anything that describes an IWB HOLSTER is not a HOLSTER as far as open carry is concerned. I can not find a definition of "holster" in the law. I think as long as you don't just stick it in your pants your covered.

  8. I was told that the holster and gun must all be concealed. There should be nothing visible here in michigan
    That is with the ccw permit

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