open carry or violating?
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Thread: open carry or violating?

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    open carry or violating?

    I do alot of field trialing with my beagles, so therefore I run them all of the time almost year round. The small game season ends on March 31. Between April 1st and April 15th when I am out running I still open carry my Ruger single six 22. After April 15 is the "quiet time" until July 8th. Which means no training of dogs on rabbits. Where I run is mostly state land with alot of people and coyotes. I have had people try to take my dogs before. I have had coyotes come in to my dogs as well. These are why I open carry there.

    My question is, if I am carrying a weapon while out running rabbits during the off season, could I be considered hunting out of season, even though that is not my reason for carrying?


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    Open season

    Since there are open seasons on woodchucks & such, I for one would not be on state lands without a valid hunting license.

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    Or just get a CPL and wear a shoulder rig under your sweats. DNR is a funny animal they can get a burr under their saddle and hit people for violation that no one except them knows are on the books...
    Just a while back the DNR tired to ticket a guy for leaning his gun against his car while he tended his dogs....
    So when you do a run don't wear any hunting garb, OC is within your rights on state land, but be prepared for a legal fight if you bump into the wrong guy.
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