Glock27 VS. XD 40cal.
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Thread: Glock27 VS. XD 40cal.

  1. Glock27 VS. XD 40cal.

    I want to purchase a sub-compact to carry and am up in the air as to which one to purchase Glock27 or a xd .40. I currently have a Beretta storm .40 and want to stay with the same cal.

  3. Coming from a person that has shot both. I prefer the glock 27 I however own an Xdm .40 and love it but I also cant conceal carry.. I love Illinois. As far as sub compact goes the glock feels nice in my opinion. Other than that they are both great guns! They shoot awesome!

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  5. stuck in neutral......ok glock works but their cookie cutter styling leaves mecold., if they're going to all look alike then why not one frame only which will accomodate 50 calibers? Alot cheaper for fhe consumer that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NRA UR2 View Post
    if they're going to all look alike then why not one frame only which will accomodate 50 calibers?
    I'd buy a Glock in 50 caliber.

  7. mmm glock in 50 cal.. Yes... YES!!

  8. Which pistol? XD or GLOCK .40

    I have a 9mm STORM F which has been a very good handgun. I recently got my hands on a 9mm STORM F sub-compact. This gun is the height of a 20 round mag and has a 3.5" barrel. Works the same as my larger handgun.

    If you like your .40 STORM I believe the sub-compact STORM is also available in .40 cal. You might want to check that out. I also recommend the crossbreed mini-IWB holster with combat cut.

    The advantage of having both my standard and sub-compact in the same caliber and both being STORM PX4 fire arms is the sub-compact carries (in 9mm) a 13 round magazine whereas my full size PX4 carries 17 and 20 round magazines. I can't use the 13 round mag in the full size PX4 but the 17 and 20 round magazines for that gun DO fit and work well with the sub-compact. Means I can carry 14 in the gun and ONE 20-round reload.


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