Join MOC for dinner 1/26/11 6:30pm
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Thread: Join MOC for dinner 1/26/11 6:30pm

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    Join MOC for dinner 1/26/11 6:30pm

    Cross Posted from OCDO, MOC, and MGO (H/T scot623)

    Come out and have dinner with friends and family! When you come, bring someone new to OC and show them we are all just friendly people. The more the merrier. I spoke with the manager, Louie, and he is excited to have us. There is no liquor license at this restaurant. See you there! Wednesday, January 26th 6:30pm

    Avenue Family Restaurant (just north of 13 mile on Woodward)
    31253 Woodward ave.
    Royal Oak

    Avenue Family Restaurant

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    Sounds like it will be a blast. I will try and make it there. If you could Message me the details I would be more than happy to come.
    Traveling from Flint here, would this be a straight shot south on 75?
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