HB 4009 & 4010 Eliminate CPL Pistol Free Zones
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Thread: HB 4009 & 4010 Eliminate CPL Pistol Free Zones

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    HB 4009 & 4010 Eliminate CPL Pistol Free Zones

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    A petition to submit to the Michigan State Legislature in regards to House Bills 4009 and 4010 of 2011 has been started. This petition will be submitted to all members of the Michigan State Legislature and to the Governor. I ask that you sign this petition and forward it to everyone you know. Let us send a clear message to those who represent us.

    Michigan House Bills 4009 and 4010 Petition

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    Done by both wife & myself.
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    Thumbs down What?

    Poll: don't change gun law | WOOD TV8

    People polled said NO do to the paragraph long question.
    On another topic…
    __40. Michigan law currently allows individuals who have been granted a permit to carry a concealed weapon, specifically a handgun, to carry their concealed handgun anywhere except in schools or on school property, public or private day care centers, sports arenas or stadiums, bars and taverns, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples or other places of worship, entertainment facilities, hospitals, college dormitories or classrooms, casinos, and courtrooms. Legislation has been introduced which would remove these exceptions and allow anyone with a concealed weapons permit to carry their handgun anywhere, including the list of places which are currently banned. Based on what you know about this issue, do you favor or oppose the proposal to allow concealed handguns to be carried anywhere? [IF FAVOR/OPPOSE, ASK: ‘Would that be strongly or somewhat?’ AND CODE BEST RESPONSE]
    18% Strongly favor
    11% Somewhat favor 29% Total Favor
    7% Somewhat oppose
    61% Strongly oppose 68% Total Oppose
    3% Undecided/Refused

  7. I feel a little better about the future of these bills after listening to an interview with Senator Mike Green. The Republicans have a majority so it does look promising. Sounds like we'll have to wait until at least this fall before they take these bills up though.

    NRA News

  8. They are also planning on moving CPLs to the State and abolishing local panels. There are some other bills not referenced in the links. Listen to Senator Green's interview on the NRA website.

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