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  1. Motor cycle open carry???

    i just have a simple question and i hope someone can help me out. I do not have a cpl yet, im working on that iv been openly carrying for a while and i just want to know if i can open carry on my bike in michigan? i no it is considered concealed when i get in my truck but the gun is in plain view on my bike its a 40 cal stoeger cougar 8000 in a hip holster. so i would appreciate any answer from someone who knows.

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    While I can't speak for Michigan specifically, I open carry on my bike every time I ride and its perfectly legal. The firearm isnt any more concealed than if you were on foot.
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  4. simple answer

    Contact your local sheriff and pose the question as he will review your laws and guide you in the correct legal direction. Do not ask the members on here questions in terms of what is legal or not, they will just tell you know they feel or what "they do" without ever answering your question. Occasionally a member will cite your local/state statue, however do not take that as gospel, always always always do your own research because you are the one carrying the sidearm, not the anonymous person answering your question. I will reiterate once and for all, always ask the people who enforce and interpret the laws, they will be more than happy to answer your question and guide you in a safe and legal direction ensuring you a clean backround check.

    now i will answer like several other members would

    i live in missouri and i open carry most everytime possible on my cbr1000rr, when i do carry i be sure to be dressed decent as a semi professional look always ensures a better response from people at the redlights and while walking through the store
    does that answer your question. nope. just my experience. good luck and be safe out there those people texting and driving are just trying to score some points tryin to hit us.


  5. Thanks for the info I will do that and post a response

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    Open carry is legal in Michigan. Dunno if you'll get hassled or not.

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    Open carry is also legal here in wisconsin, however I dont think we are legal to carry on cycles, even bicycles.

  8. I called Mi state police and u cannot carry open on a bike they still consider it the same as being in a car.

  9. Additionally, if any garment were to cover your firearm at all it would then be concealed and therefore illegal. CPL's are easy to get in MI, will cost you a total of about $300-500 (depending on what course you take) not including your gun, holster and belts.

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