Michigan and Suppressors
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    Michigan and Suppressors

    Wondering if anyone has read this. I wasn't sure what issuing an Attorney General Opinion actually meant. Does this mean suppressors are now legal to obtain?

    AG - Schuette: Federally Registered Noise Suppressors Permitted Under State Law

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    Yes, if you follow all of the Federal NFA rules, you are not violating the law in your state.

  4. I saw this on facebook. I was amazed by all the people saying we were all gonna get robbed and murdered now. Probably the same people that said when cpls were easy to get in Michigan, we'd turn into the wild west... probably same people who said when we raised the speed limit to 70 on the freeway we'd have a huge increase in crashes.. hopefully this group of people will be discredited soon.

  5. Yes, according to that article they are now legal. It's about time. Now we need to work on getting SBRs and SBSs.

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