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    Ian Vahoski Guest

    carry ammo...

    Can I carry range ammo while OC or does it have to be self-defense ammo!?! Michigan

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    I live in Michigan and as far as I know there are no laws defining Carry Ammo either for open carry or concealed. Range ammo is fine but as for myself I carry Hornady Critical Defense. I shoot range ammo because it's cheap and I carry the best because it's worth it.

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    How many times is this thread going to be posted today?

  5. Really? Three threads with the same question?

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    Quote Originally Posted by .45ACPKimber View Post
    Really? Three threads with the same question?
    Yes, it is refered to as cross posting which is against forum rules.

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    That cant really be a real question. Can it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Vahoski View Post
    Can I carry range ammo while OC or does it have to be self-defense ammo!?! Michigan
    Please, do both yourself & everyone else that's around you a huge favor and please take some sort of firearm safety courses 'before' you decide to carry any loaded firearm anywhere.
    Range ammo -aka- FMJ(full metal jacket) or Ball Ammo is 'more dangerous' to use as daily carry ammo for both you and any intended target because the FMJ bullet is much more likely to go 'completely through' (overpenetrate) your intended target and then the FMJ bullet will continue to travel and end up hitting another 'unintended' target that is far beyond your original target.
    Hollow Points are designed to not overpentrate, but still can.
    Please take some sort of 'firearm safety courses' as most of us have.
    It will be a benefit to you and others around you in the long run.
    Stay safe.
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