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    Ted nugent

    anybody go see ted at miller this week. if so let us know what you thought. i could not make it.
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    Not this week, but about 8 years ago. He puts on a FANTASTIC show. I especially like the flaming arrow shot into a guitar.
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    Uncle Ted, was as usual, highly entertaining. Spoke and answered questions for about 2 1/2 hours. No real new information but his enthusiasm is fantastic. Pretty hard to argue with him, other than his fervor and delivery. I'm sure he has turned quite a few off because of it. He did lay it on 'our' shoulders that we only have ourselves to blame for being in the situation we are. Pointing to 'us' always seemingly to be on the defensive.

    Main topics were, 2A, the death tax, illegal immigration and welfare. I am in such agreement with him, I have a hard time fathoming how the left can believe as they do. Well worth the time and effort to attend. You should have been there DJ58!

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    only saw him at the new year 2000 show with sevendust, metallica and kid rock.. he came out riding a buffalo. that was pretty cool.
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