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    Have they standardized the design of the id card itself? E.g. does a Marquette County CPL and a Wayne County one now look the same?

    Updated: Never mind. I found a sample Alger County one at images.google.com and it looks the same as my Wayne County one (except for the Wayne County seal in the background of mine).

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    Some information for others curious about this. I know that St.Joseph and Kalamazoo Counties still use the old designs.
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    Some counties just do it on the cheap; I had to laminate mine myself because Allegan County didn't.

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    In Benzie County I had to pay them a buck to laminate some cheap looking permit. In Missaukee County my son received a real nice card that looked like a drivers license.

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    Mine came laminated here in Oakland County. Not sure what the new and old design look like. Mine looks sorta of modern.

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