T M's mom coming to Muskegon on 11/7/13
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Thread: T M's mom coming to Muskegon on 11/7/13

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    T M's mom coming to Muskegon on 11/7/13

    This is about one thing: trying to gin up support for an attack on Michigan's own SYG law. As a reminder, SYG was NEVER a consideration in the case of George Zimmerman; it was always about common law self-defense.

    And for what it is worth, she is try
    ing to build support for the notion that we have a responsibility to run away if possible before defending ourselves. Well, if that had indeed been the case, then it was HER SON who had the responsibility to run away. According to the prosecution and her, T M was the one who felt threatened by Zimmerman following him. Under her interpretation of SYG, then, it was HER SON who should have tried to escape. Instead, HER SON chose to stand his ground and launch an attack. Now she wants to change the law for everyone else. We don't need her interfering with our laws.

    I'm sure Bloomberg or one of his allies is footing the bill for her trip.

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    I don't know about there, but I don't think she'd receive a very warm welcome around here. This area one of those places where every house has at least one gun and people are pretty attached to them. Of course Bloomie wouldn't be very welcome either.
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    Seems if Trayvon had heeded the same thing, walk away, he would be alive today.

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    The stated goal of her visit to Muskegon is to honor T M, but she has used every speaking event to speak against SYG.

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    Come to MI, the week before the start of Rifle season. Yep, shouldn't see any guns around here. Why Muskegon? Why not Detroit or Lansing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icemanii View Post
    Come to MI, the week before the start of Rifle season. Yep, shouldn't see any guns around here. Why Muskegon? Why not Detroit or Lansing?
    She may still be going to some of those towns. They held off publicizing THIS visit until the very last minute, presumably to make sure protests against her and what she stands for would be at a minimum. I'm sure the groups who supported her knew about this weeks ago.

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    After all, poor little Tray was just a child, and that mean man that assaulted him should have called the cops. Oh wait, he did.
    Maybe he should have run home, and locked his door and cried for his mommy. Welcome to the new Amerika.

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    "If it can happen to HER son and her AVERAGE FAMILY, the mother of T M says it can happen to anyone." This was the lead-in to the WZZM segment about T M's mom visiting Muskegon, MI. Sorry, the average family isn't raising thugs who are being kicked out of school for drugs, being shown in thugga photos illegally flashing pistols, and going out of their way to attack someone.

    Trayvon Martin's mother speaks in Muskegon | wzzm13.com

    WOOD TV carried her fight to overturn SYG:

    Sybrina Fulton says even though a Stand Your Ground defense ultimately was not used by the attorneys to get George Zimmerman acquitted of her son's death, she still wants those types of laws off the books.

    According to Florida law, a person who is being attacked in any place where they have a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to meet with force...

    "We don't want our kids to have to worry about walking down the street and not feeling safe," she said...

    "People want to meet me. They want to talk to me. They want to show love to me. They just want to tell me they've been praying for me. And that really means a lot to me," she told the assembled crowd...

    "We need to change these laws because these laws are giving people a right to shoot and kill someone and walk away," Fulton said...

    Fulton says she would like to see Michigan's law -- which was placed into effect in 2006 under the Granholm administration -- repealed.
    Trayvon Martin's mom comes to Muskegon | WOOD TV8

    She's right - these laws give innocent people the opportunity to defend themselves and walk away alive. And if it turns out that a shooting WASN'T legitimate self defense, then they are prosecuted accordingly. There have been several instances in which people who tried to claim self defense were proven to be guilty of murder; SYG did NOT just allow these people to walk away as she would like everyone to believe. One of the most blatant cases that comes to mind is John Spooner, who accused his neighbor's kid of stealing from him and then blew him away. Even though he claimed self defense, it was very obvious that his life was never in danger from this child, and there was never any proof that the kid ever stole from him. He was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. That hardly sounds like getting away with murder to me.

    The following is the security cam video of the shooting -- apparently from the shooter's own security cam. It clearly shows him initiating the confrontation with the boy, shows him pointing his firearm first at the boy and then at his mother, and then shooting the boy. The boy did not die instantly, and ran a short distance away from Spooner, who is then shown calmly checking his firearm in front of the mother's house after firing it at her son.

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    T M's mom coming to Muskegon on 11/7/13
    I'm really having a hard time finding a reason to care. I don't think I'd care even if I still lived in MI. That woman is deluded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GlassWolf View Post
    I'm really having a hard time finding a reason to care. I don't think I'd care even if I still lived in MI. That woman is deluded.
    We care in Michigan for one reason: this is yet another attempt by out of staters to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign state - one in which they do not live, and in which they have no right getting involved. This is Bloomberg and company trying to export their brand of elitist demagoguery to other states. And BTW, did everyone see that Bloomberg is taking most of his security force with him out of office? Most of the officers are eligible for retirement, and in addition to their retirement benefits and pensions, Bloomberg is said to be paying them SIX FIGURE salaries! And commissioner Kelly will ALSO have a security detail after HE leaves office - at public expense! but no one else can defend themselves with firearms! Bloomberg?s security detail offered deals to retire from NYPD and stay on as his bodyguards* - NY Daily News

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