Can wife carry my pistol?
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Thread: Can wife carry my pistol?

  1. Can wife carry my pistol?

    I'm a CPL holder ... If I'm with my wife can she carry a pistol registered to me here in Michigan?

  3. It may sound like a dumb question but does she have a CPL as well?

  4. 10. Can I openly carry a pistol owned by someone else?

    MCL 28.422 provides:

    (1) Except as otherwise provided in this act, a person shall not purchase, carry, possess, or transport a pistol in this state without first having obtained a license for the pistol as prescribed in this section.

    Note: you have to have a license for the pistol you are carrying. If it is owned by someone else, you do not have a "license to carry the [that] pistol".

    There is an exception to this in MCL 28.432 for people who have a CPL:

    (1) Section 2 [MCL 28.422] does not apply to any of the following:

    (a) A police or correctional agency of the United States or of this state or any subdivision of this state.
    (b) The United States army, air force, navy, or marine corps.
    c) An organization authorized by law to purchase or receive weapons from the United States or from this state.
    (d) The national guard, armed forces reserves, or other duly authorized military organization.
    (e) A member of an entity or organization described in subdivisions (a) through (d) for a pistol while engaged in the course of his or her duties with that entity or while going to or returning from those duties.
    (f) A United States citizen holding a license to carry a pistol concealed upon his or her person issued by another state.
    (g) The regular and ordinary possession and transportation of a pistol as merchandise by an authorized agent of a person licensed to manufacture firearms or a licensed dealer.
    (i) An individual carrying, possessing, using, or transporting a pistol belonging to another individual, if the other individual's possession of the pistol is authorized by law and the individual carrying, possessing, using, or transporting the pistol has obtained a license under section 5b to carry a concealed pistol or is exempt from licensure as provided in section 12a.

    Note: The person carrying the gun must have the CPL.

    Husband/Wife Scenario, Husband has CPL, wife does not:

    • Husband can lawfully carry (open or concealed) pistols owned by the wife.
    • Wife cannot lawfully carry (open nor concealed) pistols owned by the husband (unless she meets one of the other exemptions).

    Seems that your wife can't carry a firearm that is registered to you unless she is also licensed. Look at the above in bold.

  5. She can possess your pistol at the range if you are with her.

    She can carry it on her person, with or without you, if she is also a CPL holder.

    You are not permitted to let anyone else posess your pistol unless they are a valid CPL holder, or have a permit to purchase a pistol.

    If she were to use it for self defense in your home, there would be no issue unless she is a prohibited person.

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