Michigan Senate Bill #747
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Thread: Michigan Senate Bill #747

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    Michigan Senate Bill #747

    A bill has been introducted in the Michigan Senate to remove Colleges & Dorms from the existing laws. Striking out lines 14-15 Subsection (h):
    13 (g) A hospital.
    14 (h) A dormitory or classroom of a community college, college,
    15 or university.
    16 (2) An individual licensed under this act to carry a concealed

    It is time to contact our Senators in support of this bill. I will attach a link to the Bill.
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  3. well what happened?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 22-250 View Post
    well what happened?
    This bill is still in Committee. Check it here...

    Michigan Legislature - Senate Bill 0747 (2009)
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