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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimber45 View Post
    I'm taking the CCW class this weekend...can't wait!! Should be fun and informative!

    Who you taking the class with or through?

    An instructor class or a gun range class? Just wondering..

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    Landor,...I took it at a friends house, taught by certified instructor. It was an awesome experience....had a BIG class...probably 30 guys! The only thing that really sucked though, was the fact that it was the coldest day of the year and we had to shoot outside!! YEEOOWW, that was COLD!! Did very well tho,...aced the written test and smoked the targets. Paper work is filled out, now all i need is my pixs and fingerprints and a road trip to the court house! BTW,..I just had some laser grips put on my Kimber....that is a helluva home protection option. I'll carry a smaller S&W 9mm though.

    Hope you're all staying warm.....TTYL,
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    If u go to the MI state police website u can see all the ranges and what rank they are!

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    It is amazing the amount of info taught at the CCW classes. I even went through it again, (for free), when my wife went for hers. I dare say, that most of us could use a refresher on an annual basis.

    I encourage people on the fence to take the class, even if they have no intent of applying for their CCW.

    Good luck in the class!

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    welcome from Genesee county. the best place to shoot in my opinion is in my friend's back yard. talk about not crowded! plus I like running some drills that I couldn't do at a range.. thanks to "no rapid fire".
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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