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  1. New Oakland County Guy!

    Greetings folks,

    Just found this website. Its' cool. Just submitted my paperwork for my CPL today. Hope to get it relatively soon although they are saying 4 weeks. Fingers crossed. Can anyone suggest some decent ranges that aren't too crowded?



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    I'm in s.w. mi so can't help much unless you want to head west on I-94 for a couple of hours, good luck finding one and welcome to the forum.:)


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    Same as Ranger58. SW MI. Good luck finding a good range. They can be hard to find, (good being the key word). Hope your CCW comes through in good time. It is a priviledge here in MI so treat it wisely!

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    I just joined this forum today......looks like a good one!! I also live in SE MI.....Oakland county.
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    Welcome from Texas.
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    Welcome to the site...

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    Gun ranges

    Try Double Action in Madison Hts., or Target Sports in Royal Oak. I preferr Dbl Action, better facities and a better staff.

  9. Welcome

    Welcome! This is a great site. I have made a couple posts and everyone is very helpful and have a lot of knowledge.

    I hope to get my CCW this summer. Shopping for a carry gun now and will apply this summer.

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    My youngest son (21) just turned in his paperwork here in Calhoun Co. Feels Just like the week before Christmas dosn't it.:D

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    I'm taking the CCW class this weekend...can't wait!! Should be fun and informative!
    "Nothing scares a perp like a red dot on his buddies forehead"

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