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Thread: Military/Veteran Discount?

  1. Cabelas - 5%
    Sportsmans Warehouse - 5%
    Cracker Barrel - 10%

    Smith & Wesson has a $50 rebate on M&P handguns for military.

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    The Cabelas discount must be regional. Here in Glendale they don't.

  4. Military and Veteran Discounts Western Pennsylvania

    I found that a gun shop in my area of Homer City called Bullseye firearms that gives decent discount on new and used firearms and gives 10% off of accesories.

  5. bomberboy52

    Veteran ID
    Most of these same places will accept DAV,VFW Membership cards as proof of veteran status.

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    If you have your VA Disablity card, that will serve as proof for a veteran's discount. My gunsuppliers give me 10% across the board, ad well as Subway, Golden Corral, and Quizno's. At Home Depot and Lowe's, you have to specificlly ask for it.

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    Go to your local VA and get an ID Card...real simple process.

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    In WA state if you have 30% or better disability you get free camping at state parks. Plus for federal you can get an Acess Pass for free admission.

  9. Military Discount

    I give a Military Discount...I am an Arms Dealer.

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    Talked to an LE dealer for Glock and was told to bring in police/military ID or a DD214.

    An LE dealer is gun store with a contract with one or more manufacturers to sell their products at a reduced price to police, and military.
    Armed Citizens Legal Defense Fund

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geezer1 View Post
    Unfortunately, I have not heard of a veterans military discount as a blanket policy with the retailers I afore mentioned. Only active duty, retired and others as Glock Fan posted. However, that would not prevent me from asking. I know in Branson Missouri many retailers honor vets on Veterans day with a discount.

    I have not applied, but does not vets registered with VA get some kind of card? Maybe not, I am not sure. I to very rarely have to show my ID card, they normally plug the discount right in when I so state. O'Reillys auto parts is the only retailer I have encountered that ask for the last four on the ID card.
    On Veterans day, there are many Restaurants like OutBack that will give free stuff just for seeing a copy of a dd214 or a VA ID Card if issued for medical care. My wife and I looked and found that I could basically eat free for only the cost of a drink at a couple of the places in our local area but I think those are the exception. Check the VA at for a list of retailers and restaurants that give such discounts on Veterans Day. Here is a link to last years list.
    I have also found that NAPA Auto Parts stores will give a Military Discount but if you have AAA you will get better. There is also Hot Topic Stores and their Sister stores Torid Great for the younger generation.
    Our family has just gotten in the habit of Showing our Military ID's and asking if they give a Military discount. The worst answer is No or Sorry..
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