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    I placed an order over the phone with Laserlyte. I have a DD214 but it is hard to see over the phone. They wanted to know my branch and rank. I got a laser for under a hundred dollars. That is somewhere around a 35% discount.
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  3. I am late to this party and I understand. I dont want to be a drive by poster, but I recently launched "the list" of military and veteran discounts. 240,000 locations and growing to be exact. Please take a look at the site and if you like it, great. If not, we welcome feedback to make it better. We want to get to 1 million location

    236,831 Military Discounts | Veterans Discounts | Daily Deals


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    I am a Retired member of the Military, but I never ask for a discount. If somebody asks me if I am retired/ex military, I will tell them I am, but I don't really say much about it. Now, because I know how sideways things can go here, I'll say this: I'm not embarrassed about my time, like I said, I'm retired, I served my time and I feel the men and women that are currently serving deserve the recognition. I would rather stay in the background. I feel the same way about using the VA hospitals, I can afford Tricare Insurance, let the less fortunate use the VA Hospital.

    Yes I would go back in in a heartbeat, and do whatever I needed to to serve my country. I am an "Oath Keeper and Sheep Dog" tho not a member of any group.

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