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  1. I wonder if there is a law in your state that allows an establishment to put up a sign like that, and if so, does it meet the specific criteria with the size lettering and all of those other mundane details as prescribed by law?
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  3. Do you go to regular meetings? If this decision to ban weapons was made, it had to be made thru a motion made, seconded, and voted on by the members. I would demand to know when and who made this decision and would demand to see the minutes of that meeting (you have that right, minutes are public record). The minutes must reflect the motion, second, and how voted. If there was no motion, second, and vote then the rule is just BS and not "legal".

    If no one can answer your questions, the next meeting you can make the motion that the restriction be removed as the decision was not made in accordance with the VFW by-laws. Hopefully you can find some sane person to second the motion.

    Unless there is some state prohibition on guns in places that serve alcohol, etc, all decisions concerning the post have to be made in accordance with proceedure. No officer or member may just make up rules without approval and a vote by the members in good standing. The VFW post is not "private property" so to speak, it is owned and governed by the membership and the by-laws. FYI, the by-laws are also public record and you have the right as a member in good standing to have a copy of them to read.

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    Signs have no rule of law in indiana. If there was no vote by the post, you are a member, unless they revoke your membership, keep carrying.
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  5. We have that here in Ohio too. But it the law not that the club wants it. Now if the law is changed witch I hope it is here soon that may change. We can only hope.
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  6. American Legion active in VA. and some of the posts have signs on the door saying no weapons allowed. Most folks I know just carry them anyway and keep them out of sight.

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    Ask them what would the WW2 soldiers should have done when marching into Berlin,
    knowing there was a ban on guns in Germany ??

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    you could just take the initiative and do the right thing... like take the sign down yourself

  9. no carry nonsense

    This is my personal thought about how I would handle it.

    I would raise the issue under new buisness and ask for a vote. Im willing to bet that more of the vets share our sentiments than not.
    Retired US Army Medic
    Proud Husband, Dad and Christian

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    Thanks for helping me make up my mind.

    I "WAS" considering joining the VFW.

    Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piesyor View Post
    Thanks for helping me make up my mind.

    I "WAS" considering joining the VFW.

    Thanks again.
    Yea, I was considering joining the American Legion Post near our house, but if that is the way it is then forget it!

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