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  1. Thank you

    A statement I heard before
    'It is not what you bring,
    It is what you leave.'

    For those who are reading this site,
    WE THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Honor The Sacrifice

    For those who lay down their lives, they should be honored. Unfortunately, we live in a society that applauds pride and not humility. A true soldier will always be willing to sacrifice.

    A great way to honor those soldiers in the armed forces who do lay it all on the line is to give them a gift. Custom military rings are a great way to commemorate any honorable service time or celebrate a wedding, birthday or retirement.

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    I chose a different way of honoring the military guys and gals. I helped preserved several pieces of military medical railroad equipment. Life member of the Army Transportation Museum , Ft Eustis, VA. Life member of the Army Medical Corp Museum, San Antonio, TX. Life member of Gold Coast Railroad Museum where the US #1, Ferdinand Magellan and Hospital Unit Car, USA 89436 resides. Also was involved in restoration of SC-1 General Albert J. Myer, USA 87325 and Crew Car Morn, USA 87426.

    Born in a US Navy hospital, lived on military bases, educated in military run schools, graduated HS 26 days after the draft ended, and classified 1-H for nearly 40 years . And until 9 years ago, operated USACE designed/built pump stations with my pay coming out of state taxes, FEMA, or USACE monies.

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    Been said here many times and in many ways, but I'll say it again 'cause it aint said enough: To those who fought for our country I owe you a debt I'll never be able to repay. To those who served but did not "fight", well, you were/are prepared to fight and for that I am in your debt as well. May you all find peace and grace in your life.
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  6. Being a OEF and OIF veteran I want to thank the Veitnam Veterans that I admire and look up to and try to thank everyday. Usually they thank me before I get a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilitaryFriend View Post
    Custom military rings are a great way to commemorate any honorable service time or celebrate a wedding, birthday or retirement.
    And the fact that you happen to sell them doesn't hurt either, huh?
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    I began giving 10% discounts on my website for hunting and shooting gear for active and retired military.

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