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Thread: Pentagon to adopt uniform rules on guns.

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    Gee, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but even the liberal news has run items on how gangs are starting in the military. As far as being in the Navy in the 80s, that was a long time ago and things have changed, especially with so many young people being exposed to drugs and violence. What we all remember from years past isn't what things are like today. No matter how much we want to not believe something, the fact remains that it is true. In any event, let's all hope for the best.

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    Ive personally seen the way some fellow marines shoot kind of scary.But the out come of ft hood would have been alot different if ccw permits were valid on on base
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    I guess I'm just missing this whole thing.................Your Active Duty, your mission is to KILL or augment that mission. For enlisted, once you're a NCO and have confirmed your ability. Why is there not more senior enlisted allowed to OPEN CARRY on Post/Base/Installation? OUR WHOLE BROADCASTED response to the attack at Fort Hood was that someone, a civilian, was finally able to stop this ONE MAN. MY GOD, am I the only one seeing what this is leading up to? Thank God it wasn't ten armed men coming over the wire with a full load of ammunition and AK's.
    Yes, not everyone should be allowed to OC/CC on base. BUT those should be the exception NOT the rule. LOOK OUT if this nonchalant attitude continues, more of our sons and daughters will perish in US bases. This mamby-pamby, touchy-feely crap needs to be thrown out and REAL Leadership needs to return to our US Armed Forces.
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    Enlisted in 98, got out in 07. Never seen the "gangs" that are now reported to be in the military. So I was active duty Navy stationed on small boys, maybe the carriers have that issue. I did however see more than a few Californians who had never handled a gun before try to shoot a qualification to stand watches. They were reason enough to have more training than just be active duty.
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  6. Amen to that sir!!! Also. Is anyone thinking of those of us who live on base? I have a CCW Permit in NM. I have to unload my weapon, store the ammo seperate from the gun in my vehicle, and go directly to my home (on base) when entering the gate. I have to have my guns (all of them) registered with Security Forces (MPs). So, I am in the "profession of arms" and the state of NM trusts me guns, why am I not allowed to carry on base? I would not be opposed to an additional training requirement or qualification with the "carry gun." Hell I volunteer to teach the class (even on my own time).

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    Quote Originally Posted by xzeler8 View Post
    Sorry, but that makes zero sense. What part of that is ok? Ok so long as you can carry? If they are going to grant the right (which I would love to see) how do you justify giving the right to one group while not allowing the other (read: the people in the actual military that work on the installation)?
    Never been in the Military. I was hoping that what Militaryman meant was that those in the Military don't have the same rights as civilians and therefore it was the Military's prerogative to not let their soldiers carry on base. Unfortunately he did not state that in a later post. I do hope that our soldiers would be trusted to carry on base and not allow bases to continue to be "victim zones".
    Glad he got the ball rolling on that to his Rep.

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    What I said was basicly that the pentagon was going to adopt uniform rules for having personal weapons on base. I also stated that we should get in touch with our congress reps to see if we who have carry permits could carry on military bases. Right now each base has their own rules. On some bases, those who have permits to carry form states cannot carry off base per base commanders orders. We have had some anti gun presidents. President Clinton made an executive order that personal firearms could not be carried on base by anyone (military or civilian) That is the rule today.

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    I will also note that under President Clinton, there was an executive order stating that no R.O.T.C. cadet could have in his or her possesion a privately owned firearm durring any R.O.T.C. function. This was uniform reguardless of which branch or what University.

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    "Armed Forces" opposed to unarmed forces. WTF-O?
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    I work at a Army Installation, They have the same rules. Absolutely No Firearms.I drive 40+ miles one way. I would like to see it possible to carry at least to and from work. Can they guarantee my safety on the road ? A lock box to store your CCW at the gate would be fine with me as starters .
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