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    Thanks all who responded to my post. After reading all of them and, the very funny Mall Ninja Story. I realized that this guy has to be so lonely and, pathadic that its not worth the trouble of playing into his game. I have completely broken all ties with said Indivivual and, asked he not ever contact me again .I also advised him that I have contacted my local PD Dept .Since then, No Contact Good enough for me. Thanks again.
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    See what Hollywood does to people!

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    I recall the night my uncle spoke of his tour of duty. He had never spoken of his time in Vietnam with family or others. My friend David has just returned from basic training in GA (1986) and the two began a military brother kinda conversation. We were at the lake house on vacation (most of my Moms family has places there) and sitting at the table in the local bar he began... 4+ hours later with jaw hanging open and beer piss warm in front of me he smiled and said "There's more but I'm getting tired, perhaps another time".. That was the last..

    I agree most folks who have been in real military combat situations will not say much, never mind brag of the ordeals..
    Just my 2 pennies on the subject.

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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