I joined the local American Patriot Council.

Yesterday they held a flag rally to support our troops overseas. They stood holding flags from 9:00 untill 12:00 Noon along the road and collected items and money to purchase items to send to our troops.

What a great bunch of individuals.

American Patriot Council Information.

Local Website American Patriot Council - Washington/Jefferson/Hancock Chapter - About Us

National Website American Patriot Council Index

WHAT WE DO... We advocate positive patriotism, polite debate of issues and staunch defiance to all who would destroy what we Americans have earned with blood and sacrifice. We do this by publishing articles online and in the media, by organizing and participating in community events and countering defeatism with a vigorous defense of America, its culture and core values.

WHO WE SERVE... Our primary loyalty is to America and its citizens. To the other Nations that respect our values, we offer friendship. To legal visitors and legal immigrants who come in peace, we offer welcome. To detractors foreign and domestic, we emphasize the great good of America that began in 1776 and continues today.