TAPS Played as you've Never Heard it Before-by 13 year old Girl
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Thread: TAPS Played as you've Never Heard it Before-by 13 year old Girl

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    TAPS Played as you've Never Heard it Before-by 13 year old Girl

    Got this in an Email and don't remember seeing it here before

    YouTube - Andre Rieu - Il Silenzio (Maastricht 2008) DIGITAL TV

    TAPS Played as you've Never Heard it Before-by 13 year old Girl

    In memory of those who gave all for freedom.

    This is AWESOME!!!

    Subject: Taps (Il Silenzio) absolutely beautiful!

    I've certainly never heard Taps played like this before.

    Taps (Il Silenzio)

    Talented 13 year old girl performing full rendition of Taps

    Thought all of you military retirees, ex military, and just plain civilians would enjoy this!

    You may never have heard the full rendition of Il Silenzio, otherwise known as "Taps". This is a most beautiful rendition.

    The girl's name is Melissa Venema and is playing with maestro Andre Rieu from Maastriecht in the Netherlands . She is 13 and has been performing for years. This performance is in 2008 Masstriecht where city officials sealed off the town square and closed everything down so they get perfect noise control.

    I am sure all of you that have studied music will appreciate such talent from such a 13 year old young lady. This is the first time I have ever heard the full rendition of Taps and I enjoyed it very much. It is a wonderful performance.

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    I, too received this recording from a friend a few weeks ago, and was very impressed. I have played many times for my friends (and myself) and feel that she well deserved the standing ovation.

    If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes, nothing probably will. Thanks for posting it here.
    The more I practice, the 'luckier' I get!

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    Beautiful, but not really Taps

    From Wikipedia:

    "Il Silenzio is an Italian pop music instrumental piece, with a small part of spoken Italian lyrics, notable for its trumpet theme. It was written in 1965 by trumpet player Nini Rosso and Guglielmo Brezza[1], its thematic melody being an extension of the bugle military call for taps. It has become a worldwide instrumental standard, which has sold around 10 million copies. It was a number one hit in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy and in Switzerland in 1965."

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    incredible! bravo!

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    It's not taps

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    Thanks for making me cry! That was beautiful! I will send to my dad and all the vets I know. Happy Independence Day!

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    Amazing ! Truly a beautiful rendition !
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