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Thread: Trip to the VA ER.

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    Two follow ups and a specialist appt in six weeks. The Dr wants me seen sooner so we will see if this happens. If I have to go to the ER again my Dr says they will put me on IV-steroids so they would have to keep me. Just praying for wisdom for the Docs so they can find out what is happening.


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    Va Response

    Dang Brothers and Sisters I feel good about my VA here on the MS Gulf Coast. I have never had these problems with basic communication. That is sad. I live about 40 minutes from my VA facility and have had a recent emergency. I called the VA on the Columbus Day weekend and told them my problem and they told me just go to local Medical Center and they would cover it. I then followed up that Tuesday as a walk in and got seen in a pretty fast time, for the VA anyway. They actually took care of me and stayed late to give treatment. One nurse stayed late to give me a shot. It is pretty freaking sad that all VA facilities are not given the same attention and funds to maintain a good level of care and service to those of us who sacrificed.
    I pray for all my fellow veterans every night and May God Bless You all!

    Pray,Vote and buy more ammo!
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    Ma'am, they have telephone triage nurses 24/7, and most of 'em are pretty sharp..... if you need 'em .......... best of luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjfleming View Post
    This problem is not only in the VA in PA but out West as Well. As a Paramedic with my community Volunteer Ambulance we frequently transport Veterans to the Ft. Harrison VA Hospital (Helena Montana) and we are required to call ahead for permission to transport to the VA. This is always a problem as they have a menu and even if you do get a Human being they usually put us on hold. If we have already started transport The Cell Phone coverage is so bad in Western Montana that you are sure to loose signal before anyone comes to the phone. Any serious condition or trauma and we are always diverted to a civilian ER. The problem is that the VA is still suffering from DECADES of staff and budget cuts. I've listened to the MT Senators and Congressman tell the public about all the improvements to the VA system but you don't need the guy from "Lie to Me" to spot the deception.
    I have never gone to a VA hospital for treatment even though I am a 20yr retiree from the military. I have taken a few friends there for treatment at their request though. I was not impressed at any time. My medical care is via Medicare and Tricare. Never a problem.

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    I am 100% service connected and was very happy with VA care...enought that I declined Medicare part B 7 or 8 years ago. Now I find the quality of care at the VA dropping steadily and, since I "opted out" for these years, the Part B premium will be nearly twice what it is for other folks.

    Can't say I am thrilled...

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    It took 5 trips to the VA ER in a 2 week period to get treated this time for CHF and a broken left knee.
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    I just spent about a month in my local VA hospital with a serious case of Pneumonia of the right lung. It was my third trip to the ER with the same problem. It was my second admission to the hospital. The first time I was given x-rays and a small spot was seen on my lung. They gave me a shot and oral antibiotics and sent me home. The next visit, for the follow-up, I was seen by a nurse. Doc was on vacation, Nurse ordered another x-ray. The nurse said the x-ray showed improvment, but there was still a small spot. She just sent me home. Then after about a week, I felt the pain comming back and returned to the ER, where I was again x-rayed and given a CT scan. The CT showed the small spot was now a mass about the size of a golf ball. I was admitted after sitting in the waiting room and exam room for a total of 8 hours. I spent a week in the hospital on IV antibiotics this time and then told it is either pneumonia,plurisey and or cancer. After a week in the "hell hole" they call a hospital I was told the mass had gotten smaller but I needed to have a biopsy on a visit that would be a week later. I was released until the biopsy. The first biopsy was done through my nose and came back negative. Then I was sent home again and the pain returned a few weeks later. I am back in the ER again and in bad pain. I also suffer from cronic back pain after having surgery about a year ago. So this time they do another CT and the mass is now the size of a tennis ball.Another biopsy later, this time with a needle through the chest wall and back to admission. That was on Dec. 14th. I then spent the rest of December and first week of the new year in the VA on IV drip. After a month, I was way past ready to get out of this place. It was like being in jail, only the bars were replaced with my illness. After many days of suffering, I was told I needed atleast another 30 days of antibiotics via IV. Oh hell no!! I raised hell enough to get them to let me out too serve the rest of my sentence on house arrest...aka Home Care. I am now at home,Thank God, with an IV pump I can do myself.Actually my wife does it, but you know what I mean. I am told I am gonna do this for another month and then I will need oral meds for another 6 months. What??? I have some rare kind of pneumonia that is hard as hell to kill. Don't I know this by now!!! I have not even began to tell the entire story,as it will be coming out in a book I plan to write while at home and disabled. But I can say this...the Veterans of this Nation deserve much better and we need to take a much closer look at the people we hire to work at the VA. Many, or I should say most are worthless and have attitude problems. I can only imagine how the veterans too sick to speak up are treated. I gave them all they could handle and heard some pretty bad stories from those few good ones who really care. I plan to make my book available free to the VA head man in the White House and to every person in the chain of command from there on down to the amistrators of the VA I was in. This cannot go on...I may not make much of a difference, but I will die trying!!!

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    If it wasn't for the VA I'd have no medical care at all. I have been treated with exemplary professionalism and kindness as well as shitily (by my primary care physician), but over all I can't really complain. I have never had a problem getting into the Ft. Harrison medical center or my local clinic. I just wish that every TV not be turned to Fox News. A little balance and consideration is called for in that regard.

    Living in the "frontier" AKA Montana has it's downside (little of which is important to me) but it has it's advantages too, the smaller population = less demand ------> more individual attention.
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    I am a veteran, a VA Clinic manager and also serve as the clinic patient advocate. I appreciate all of your comments and your understanding. One thing that you all need to be aware of is the VA primary care is once again changing how care is delivered to the patient. Because of the staffing issues we will be using alternative non-face to face methods of communicating with the providers. If you are not already on MYHEALTHeVET through the VA, DO IT NOW. It is a form of computer secure messaging where you can send a short email to get help. Let this be known. The provider has 48 hours to answer. Use it for helping get med renewals, discussing problems with your long term problems, etc. It is not an immediate response system. It is designed to keep you from having to drive 3+ hours to see you doc. We are also supposed to be using more telephone calls to deduce F2F. This will allow more available slots being available to see patients who can't be served electronically.

    I don't like the assumption that we are understaffed. We are being asked to do more with less, but that doesn't mean we can use it as an excuse. PLEASE hold us to a high standard. Use the Patient Advocate if you have unresolved issues. There is a facility wide one in each facility.

    Good Luck and God Bless. And thank you all for you service to our country.

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    I've been waiting for over two years for Secure Messaging to roll out so I went to My HealtheVet just now and it's not available in our area yet.

    The VA is introducing Secure Messaging, a way to communicate online with your health care team through your My HealtheVet account. Secure Messaging is being rolled out across the VA in phases over the next year. If you're not using Secure Messaging yet, talk to your health care team to see when Secure Messaging will be available at your VA facility.
    I did see where appointments are now listed on the site. It shows all of my appointments for the last two year.
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