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Thread: Trip to the VA ER.

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    I don't like the assumption that we are understaffed. We are being asked to do more with less, but that doesn't mean we can use it as an excuse. PLEASE hold us to a high standard. And thank you all for you service to our country.

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  3. My VA clinic here seems pretty good but probably because it's a new facility. Usually takes me six weeks to see anyone for anything though. The doc I saw was extremely professional and was able to help diagnose my coughing problem as cough variant asthma and gave me a years prescription for it. Only issue I really have is the people running the ID section as I have been with this clinic for almost a year now and they never seem to have enough people to issue one ID. Oh well free health care is better than none...... +1 MyHealthVet

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    Contact the MHV coordinator at the parent facility. you have to have an IPA (in person authentication) to be able to do secure messaging. We have just started in March at our facilities in VISN 20.


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