The Coast Guard Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to the education, welfare and morale of all Coast Guard members and their families, announced today the launch of its Are You One In A Million? campaign in conjunction with its 40th anniversary celebration of service to the United State Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has rescued more than 1 million people since it was established in 1790. Honoring the heroic efforts of the service men and women throughout history, the Foundation’s Are You One In A Million? project strives to capture and highlight the unique and diverse stories and personal impact of over a million successful missions of bravery and courage.

The Coast Guard Foundation strives to help 47,000 Coast Guard men and women strengthen their service to our nation by encouraging them to be the best that they can be, on duty and off. The Foundation supports numerous programs and projects through donations from individuals, corporations and through grants and special fundraising events. The Foundation manages endowments supporting academic, athletic, and leadership excellence for cadets at the Academy; offers financial relief to Coast Guard families who lose their possessions in natural disasters; provides college scholarships to dependents of enlisted personnel; funds recreational and family-oriented facilities; and supports educational and morale programs at bases, on cutters around the nation; as well as hundreds of smaller projects.

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Coast Guard Foundation's "Are You One in a Million?" Campaign