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    Hi,I just wanted to mention that my Army brother,staff Seargent Salvatore Giunta,has just been notified,that he will be awarded the Congressional Medal of honor for actions against the enemy in Afghanistan,in 2007,Sgt. Giunta,was seperated from his squad and was treating a wounded soldier,when he saw two insurgents carrying another U.S. soldier away,he immediatley engaged them while under fire and killed one,and wounded the other,he retrieved the soldier and treated his injurys.Congratulations Seargent Giunta,you deserve it brother. Army Dog

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    That is AWESOME!!
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    Congratulations to him and unending gratitude for his Service (and yours). I always get a lump in my throat when I see MOH recipients...they're a rare breed, and represent what the very best of the best among us bring to the table when the SHTF. Almost to a man, though, they'd tell you that what they did was no big deal, that they just did "what had to be done." Maybe, more than anything, it's this simple attitude for doing the Right Thing when the time came that sets them so much father apart. God Bless SSG Guinta and all the MOH recipients, wherever they are...and THANKS!

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    When I read about the dedication, heroism and devotion to duty and country of our military, I know as a country we will make it, no matter these folks who are currently running the govt. Thank you all of you for your service. I know you don't hear it enough.

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    Thank you Brother for his service to this country
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    173rd Airborne. AATW !!

    Congratulations SSG Giunta.
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    I was an army infantry soldier fro 74 to 77,and I still remember everything that I was taught from basic and AIT,one of the main things that I came away with from the army,was teamwork,and it has helped me in my everyday life,SSgt Giunta,has taken that to the highest level,and his actions reflect very positively on us all, as former service members,and as americans,I am doubly proud that he is an infantry soldier,and a brother,I think we have passed the torch into very capable hands. 2/32 "THE QUEENS OWN" ARMY INFANTRY DOG FOREVER.

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