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Thread: POW/ MIA Day

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    POW/ MIA Day

    Just a reminder that Friday September 17th is POW/ MIA day. Please take a few moments to remember those who served their country and are still unaccounted for.

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    Amen, Brother! I wear the bracelet of SSG Robert F. Scherdin, a Special Forces soldier from New Jersey lost in Cambodia in December of '68. I've worn it for many years and, unfortunately, I'll probably wear it for many more.

    If you wear a bracelet and want to know more about the person on your bracelet, you can go Here. From there, if you'd like, you can also click on POW/MIA Issue & Casualties (bottom left of the page), then click on Love Letters on the next page. That'll give you a chance to leave a note for the Family/Friends of the person on the bracelet. I've done it for Robert's family for about 6 or 7 years now every year on his birthday. So far I've heard from his Cousin and an SF Classmate of his. Very gratifying stuff.
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    I remember getting bracelets when I was a kid, perhaps the early 70s. Wish I still had them.

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