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  1. Active Duty NC, with IL DL

    Good afternoon-

    Alright, So I am an active duty service member stationed here in NC. I went through all the loops, got the military package and command letter, went through the CCW course... Everything was GOOD. I went into the sheriffs office, he looked over my package and said it was all good. Asked me what state my drivers licence was in and I told him it was IL. The response was that he would not be able to issue to me since IL was a non issue state. I keep an IL DL for all my vehicles are registered in IL and that is where my home of record is located. I own a home in NC and this is the state I want to CC in. I understand I can not carry in IL, but why should it matter for NC? He said any other state would be fine, other than WI, since I am military... Is there any paperwork or documentation stating these facts?? I really don't want to have to change everything over...



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    what county do you live in? I recently submitted my paperwork thru Harnett County- with my WI drivers liscense. they didnt seem to care and didnt say a word

  4. I am in onslow county

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    must be the county i guess, the deputy told me it will be ready in about 2-3 weeks and would call me to let me know it was in

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    Easy solution

    I'm a W4 with a Texas home of record and Texas tags on my vehicles. I went down and got a Mississippi drivers license. I am station here in MS and plan on retiring here NOV2011 so no big deal for me to voluntarily get my drivers license early.

    Easy work around for you is to get a drivers license in the state where your stationed. It won't affect your home of record or your ability to have home of record tags. Then go back and get your concealed carry license. Just a suggestion.

    I kept Texas home of record for tax reasons.

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    Can you just get a FL non-resident permit and be done with it?

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    We're Military as well. In California. My wife didn't want to give up her NY DL. So we went to the DMV and got her an ID card that looked like the DL. That worked as it had our Cali address. See if this would work for you.

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    I don't know about NC but TX has a TX ID available that serves as a picture ID with your local address. That is what I used to get my CCW as I still have my TN lic. It is worth looking into.

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    That's an idea...

    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    Can you just get a FL non-resident permit and be done with it?
    That is a good thought "LT"! Florida or Utah CCW should cover it...
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