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    hearing protection

    I have a question for the vets in here. I have been doing some plinking and target shooting for some time now, always wearing hearing protection. Which made me wonder, how does LE and military handle that subject? Is there any being used at all?

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    We were issued hearing protection (ear plugs) in basic training, we were required to wear them on the range.
    This was in 1967, don't know about now, but bet it is still required...

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    Yea, we are required to wear ear-pro. I normally only wear 1-inthe ear closest to my rifle- while at the M4 range

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    What did you guys say? I can't hear you. LOL!

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    It's been twenty years since I got out, but while we wore them on the range or more formal weapons training, often we didn't.

    Once we were hosting a "Family Day" wherein immediate family could come out to the field and watch us blow **** up. I was in an 81 mm mortar platoon, and while were dropping tubes I glanced over to some bleachers and noticed all the visitors covering their ears and cowering from the sound of the weapons and explosions. I then looked at all the jar heads and noticed none of us were so much as flinching. I knew then that I had suffered some hearing loss. Things have slowly gotten worse, and while I tease my father for being stone deaf, I know that if I live long enough I'll get there too.

    Moral? Wear hearing protection if you can. If someone is shooting at you, you have bigger problems.
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    Joined the NAVY at 17 in 75, perfect health and hearing. First duty was a ship that went into the Yards in Pearl. Got out after 12 with 50% loss of hearing. NOT ALL the Navys fault but if ya can. Wear plugs WITH mickey mouse ears.
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    During the twenty one years I served in the military I always wore triple flange ears plugs at the range and most of the time when I was flying in helicopters. I work in law enforcement now and wear ear plugs at the range per our agencies regulation. As a side note I like to attend motorsports events and always wear my military issue ear plugs unless I'm wearing a headset to monitor the drivers and crew chiefs on a scanner.


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    handgonnetoter Guest
    Yeah, the Claymore Mine range dicked up my hearing thanks to one Bozo who did not know where the safety was on the trigger! We did not have our ears on when he set his off.

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    I always wore my "ears" at the M16 range, never when I was on the gunline 60% loss.

    ETA A handgun shot is in the 160 db range it is enough to cause permanent hearing loss on a one time exposure. Wear your hearing protection
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    Quote Originally Posted by handgonnetoter View Post
    Yeah, the Claymore Mine range dicked up my hearing thanks to one Bozo who did not know where the safety was on the trigger! We did not have our ears on when he set his off.
    How the heck do your screw that one up?!? The Claymore Mine was designed to be idiot proof.

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