A soldier you can be real proud of
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Thread: A soldier you can be real proud of

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    A soldier you can be real proud of

    Fri night we took our last graduate out to a Japaneese steak house and while there my son(at Ft Bragg, NC) called. His words were something like this: Dad, you will absolutely not believe what just happened. I was standing in line at the "shopette" (base convience store) when this middle eastern looking soldier came in. He ripped off his flag patch, said "MF" the US, and started burning the patch with a cigerette lighter. I jumped out of line, tackled his a-- driving him out through the doors, and pinned him down in the parking lot. I checked him out throughly for wires or explosives while holding him down till the MPs arrived. They searched the entire lot/building/etc. and found nothing. I am just so very very proud that my son came out of the line of who knows how many and took care of business. Just wanted to stand up on the table and relate the story to everyone there---but they would have thought I was overly proud of him---Hey, I AM. Will said that he did not even think but just reacted and that he just could not stand to have some POS disgrace the flag in his presence. Will has been deployed twice and is now a Pathfinder. He has about twenty jumps in already. D---, I am proud of that lad!!!

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    Amen. I'm glad to know that him and others like him are out there defending this Great Nation of ours. Let him know that there are others that are just as proud of him and are thankful for what he does.

    Thank you for sharing.

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    Thankfully he was there and "took care of business" as you put it. We all should be proud of all of our young people who go in harms way on behalf of us. Please pass along a HOOYAH and well done for me!
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    Thats a good news story if I've ever heard one. Now if other Americans who walk the streets would follow the same path and make the same choices, we'd be able to clean house and take out the trash quick fast and in a hurry! HOOAH!
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    I am just wondering how many people goes through our military, use the training then use that training to get back at us? I envy you for having a son like yours...He's a real American. You are a good Dad. You can jump up and down my table and tell everyone your story. I will consider it an honor.
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    Good news story. The national media probably won't cover it. How many similar incidents haven't been reported or known to the general public?
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    To bad we can't shoot people that do that to us and our country! God Bless America!

  9. -06,

    From the rest of us, tell your son thank you.


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    Sounds like a BS story to me.

    I cannot find anything on the usual base links and or Military times etc for such a story that would have made headlines in the usual military media portals and base papers.

    What was the man charged with ?? Exercising his right to freedom of speech, not even how much we may not like it ?

    Nothing in the Ft.Bragg Advocate, nor the Fayettville Observer, nor Military times etc.

    I call BS !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ropadope View Post
    Sounds like a BS story to me.

    I call BS !!!
    Yeah, I'd like to fact check this story as well.

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