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  1. NC CCW pcsing to KY

    I have a NC CCW and am PCSing to KY. how will this effect my CCW. I know that Kentucky honors a NC permit. what steps do I need to take to make sure i am carrying Lawfully in KY with a NC drivers liscense and NC CCW. will I have to take another class, change my adress through NC? I dont plan on becoming a resident of KY either as my home of record is NC

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    Go to permit Info at the home page. It will have all your answers.

  4. yeah I understand what the laws are and where i can or cannot carry with certain permits but that doesnt tell me what i want to know. my permit has my current adress on it in NC. I am moving to KY. i am in the army. I dont want any problems from law enforcement if i get asked at some point to see the permit. the point I am trying to make is its not going to have the correct address on the permit. I however do not plan to change my residency to KY but will be living there. does that make sense?

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    I think I understand what you are trying to do, but I'm not certain that it falls within the scope of Kentucky state law. This is the Kentucky State Police website Kentucky State Police: Concealed Deadly Weapons It states the following regarding military personnel posted in Kentucky; "The applicant for a carry concealed deadly weapon (CCDW) license must:

    Be a resident of Kentucky for at least six months prior to filing the application or a member of the Armed Forces of the United States who is on active duty, who is at the time of application assigned to a military posting in Kentucky, and who has been assigned to a posting in Kentucky for six months or longer immediately preceding the filing of the application;

    It sounds like Kentucky wants military personnel to apply for their CCW regardless of the state of legal residency. Some states do this with motor vehicle operators licenses. I was on active duty for 21 years and ended up getting licenses in four states just to avoid the hassle of an out of state renewals. North Carolina has reciprocity with Kentucky for the purpose of CCW. Because you are active duty member of the Army you may be able to legally carry with your North Carolina CCW initially but will ultimately have to obtain a Kentucky CCW. I suspect that you aren't the first solider that has encountered this problem transferring to Fort Campbell or where ever you are headed. Did you new unit assign you a sponsor to assist you with getting settled in? I would ask him or someone in your chain of command when you report in. This is another link that provides some insight on this topic - The Internet Site For Legallyarmed Law Abiding Citizens - More Military Personnel Obtaining Licenses Or Permits To Carry Weapons When Returning From War Let us know what they tell you. It's good gouge for other military personnel transferring across state lines.
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