I always loved this!
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Thread: I always loved this!

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    I always loved this!

    I first saw this in 1985. It was posted on the wall right outside of our Company Commander's office.


    I am the Infantry, follow me.
    not a foot soldier, we're much more you see.
    We'll take the fight to the enemy.
    I am the Infantry, the first of the three.

    I am the Cavalry, follow me.
    A modern horse soldier in an APC.
    Charging straight forward to the enemy.
    I am the Cav, most daring of the three.

    I am the Armor, follow me.
    The arm of decision I'll always be.
    When the going gets rough, call on me.
    I am the Armor, the best of the three.

    Armor, Cav, and Infantry
    rush headlong into the melee.
    Breaking the lines like an angry sea
    deep into enemy territory.

    Approaching a crossroads, what do we see?
    The area secured by two lonely MPs
    Directing us forward, how can this be?
    How long have they been waiting for me?

    What a crazy person an MP must be.
    He has no firepower or armor like me.
    And I thought everyone followed the three
    Armor, Cav, and Infantry.

    I am the MP, don't follow me.
    You don't want to be where I will be.
    Guarding the crossroads, waiting for the three.
    Just my partner, a sixteen, a sixty and me.

    With the objective taken, wait and see.
    No one will remember the lonely MP
    Who held this ground so they could run free,
    But that's my job, supporting the three.

    Written by SGT Allan Perkins, 1982 (an MP)

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    Pretty good.
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    Beautiful...you do not mind me copying it, do you?

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    thats so cool! I was in the Navy and I still want to go into the Army now. (sadly to old and to sick, though)

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    Well the Navy gets the gravey and the Army get the beans.
    Watch what you ask for, you might get it.

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