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    With what our true blue military people have to go through when called upon to protect our country, why do they do not have automatic license to carry?

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    Before I comment on this - I should probably state where I'm coming from. I am a veteran. I am also a lifelong firearms enthusiast, who has studied/used them in three different contexts:

    1) hunting small and medium game
    2) combat and warfare
    3) personal defense

    (I may add sport/competition to the list soon, haven't decided yet.)

    While I generally support any benefit that can be given to veterans...I'm split on this issue. The logistics of carrying a firearm in battle are different from carrying a firearm for personal defense. I can honestly say that I have benefitted from the additional training I undertook in order to get the different LTCs I've held over the years, and I believe other vets should get the benefit of this instruction as well.

    I think a good solution would be "shall issue" licensing (contingent upon instruction) for ALL citizens, but with fees reduced or waived for vets.
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    I do not support the creation of a "super-citizen" class of any type in this nation. Whether it's LEO's, military, garbage collectors, or attorneys, if these people need special carry rights, well then the rest of the "lesser" people do too.

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