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    Dear terrorists...
    I do believe you when you said all those things about my country.
    I do believe you when you made all those threats against my friends and neighbors.
    I do believe you have a right to worship as you see fit, but...NOT TO SHOVE IT DOWN MY FREAKING THROAT!
    I do believe you have the right to an opinion, but...SPEAK OUT AGAINST MY GOD, MY CONSTITUTION, OR MY FREEDOM AND WE ARE GONNA DANCE!

    It is not my job to judge you for your sins, God will do that, but if you keep pissing off the United States Military, WE WILL BE OBLIGED TO ARRANGE THE MEETING!!!

    p.s. we found your 72 virgins, not all are female, most still live with their parents and weigh over 300LBS...BTW they love comic book conventions and video games.............

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    I feel your Frustrations, and enjoyed the readings. Most Importantly,I agree with you. Great Post !!!!!!!

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