USS Iowa BB61
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    USS Iowa BB61

    Just joined the forum and thought I'd say hello. Massachusetts resident and Navy veteran who served aboard the USS Iowa BB61.

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    Hello from another vet, SSBN 635, sonar supervisor.
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    Welcome aboard.Glad you have joined us Thank You very much for serving Our country, and Citizens. My hat is off to you.

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    Thumbs up In the Navy!

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    Welcome aboard, mate. When did you serve on her?
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    Wow, the muzzle blast there is a little bigger than from the 5"38s on my DD and FF. (FTG2 USS Johnston DD821, USS Voge FF1047.) Welcome aboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MI .45 View Post
    Welcome aboard, mate. When did you serve on her?
    From 1983-1986. Awesome duty!

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