Introduced myself in the new member thread, though I would re-intro to Vets from a Ve
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Thread: Introduced myself in the new member thread, though I would re-intro to Vets from a Ve

  1. Introduced myself in the new member thread, though I would re-intro to Vets from a Ve

    Hello all, I am retired from the Army. I came in, in 1980 and retired in 2002. I started out as a 19F (M60 Tank Driver), then 19E10/20B8 (M60A3 gunner), transitioned to the M1 series (19K) and served on the M1, M1A1 and M1A1 Heavy Common. Also served on OPFOR Sheridans. Did the gamut, Driver, Loader, Gunner, Tank Commander, Platoon Sergeant, Master Gunner and retired as First Sergeant. Also did AC/RC out of Camp Shelby, MS in the 1-305th Armor Bde. Served 3 tours in Germany, 1 in Korea, Knox twice, Polk, Hood, Carson and another place or two. Did a couple of tours in the Middle East and went back in 2004 as a Coalition Forces Instructor for MPRI. Member of VFW Post 687 where I am the VSO. ANything I can help with, let me know.

    NOTE: I am a 1911 snob.

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    Welcome aboard snob!


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    Ever do any time in Baumholder?

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    Welcome from a recent SFC retiree. Enjoyed my time in Germany and Korea. Traveled all over Iraq in 2003-2004 and saw some interesting stuff. While I do enjoy a 1911 I'm not a snob. I like most anything that shoots, though I am a bit partial to my flintlocks.

    "Let us speak courteously, deal fairly, and keep ourselves armed and ready."
    Teddy Roosevelt May 13, 1903

  6. Welcome, I never heard of 1911 snobs, is there any other perfect handgun other that a 1911....

  7. Never did any time in Baumholder. Two years in Kirch-Goins, 2/33 Armor, 4 years in Schwabach, 1-1 Cav. (Border), and 3 years in Wildflecken, 1-68 Armor.

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    Welcome, glad you are here. Be advised, no cookie for you in that as a 1911 snob you might like a macaroon haute couture made by Pierre Herme?
    1)"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson.
    2)"Imagine how gun control might be stomped if GOA or SAF had the (compromising) NRA's 4 million members!" -Me.

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    To you and all who have service on our behalf, thank you.

  10. Sergeants Welcome

    HAND SALUTE......TWO....And whichever POST you choose, Your Comraderie follows.

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    Welcome, and thank you for your service.

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