Little brother of a friend died Monday - training accident.
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Thread: Little brother of a friend died Monday - training accident.

  1. Little brother of a friend died Monday - training accident.

    I suppose I should feel lucky for my friends/relatives, I knows a few dozen people in the service, with dozens of deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan between them, and this was the first death of someone I knew.

    The little brother of an old friend from sixth grade on up through college was killed in a training accident on Monday, leaving behind a wife and three small children. I haven't seen him since my friend's wedding in 1994, and hadn't seen him "often" since probably eighth grade. Yet I'm feeling his death a lot more than I thought I would. I suppose it was the fact that I didn't think about him as being in the service in the same way as all of my other service member friends and relatives. (He's the only one that I knew primarily as "that little brother." The only other one even close is my 21 year old cousin (Wow, just dawned on me that my youngest cousin is now drinkin' age!,) but I watched him grow into an adult.)

    The fact that it was in a training accident (vehicle crash,) somehow makes it feel "less". Less what, I don't know. Just... Less.

    Going to hug my daughter a little more tonight, and pack up another "care package" for my cousin over the weekend. (He's about to go on his first in-harm's-way deployment.)

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    No words can can say/make you feel better, I am sorry for your loss and If I can help in any way (phone/whatever) I'm here!


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    Sorry for your loss, Ed. Maybe there is a lesson there somewhere, e.g., a reminder about friends and relations you haven't seen nor heard from for years, maybe a cry of "get in touch with them" every now and then. I like the fact that you instead will hug your daughter a little bit more...nice dad you are. I feel for you.
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    So very sad for your loss, love life, family, friends and faith every day as it could be your last.

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    I understand how that could feel "less." It's one thing to die for a cause, regardless of the merits of the cause. It's quite another to be the victim of apparently random circumstances. On the one hand it feels like events have conspired to bring about this completely shocking event. On the other, it seems like stupid fate, no rhyme or reason whatsoever.

    One day you'll make a connection, and realize why it happened. Although it won't do a damn thing to make it any easier to swallow. Sorry you're going through this, Ed.

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    God bless you and yours, Ed.
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    Very sorry to hear. I just returned yesterday from Ft Leonard Wood, MO for a relative's graduation. I hadn't been on an active military base in years. It gave a renewed appreciation for what they do & go through.

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