Major Fail as Burglars Try Marines House
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Thread: Major Fail as Burglars Try Marines House

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    Major Fail as Burglars Try Marines House

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    Let us pray for those two lost souls that could have looked like obambam's sons!
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    I never like reading about someone's death, but I admit I'd rather see that the bad guys were killed than the homeowners. Semper Fi.

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    Good job Marines!

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    Burglars vs two members of our Armed Forces? The phrase "terminated with extreme prejudice" comes to mind. :) Well done, gentlemen!
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    Well done Marines!!

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    Good riddance to bad rubbish!
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  9. More details here. Could have been bad for the Marines as their own shotgun was found and used against them until one of the Marines took it and used it on them. Something to think about when stashing guns.

    No charges Will Be Filed Against Shooters in Jacksonville Attempted Burglary | Eyewitness News 9

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    Every Marine I told about it at work today got a real kick out of it.
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    That's akin to hand feeding wild lions
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