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    Proud Mon of Two Army Sons

    I am a proud Mom; with two sons currently serving in the US ARMY.

    My oldest son is a Chaplain Assistant & Paratrooper. He is based at Fort Bragg in NC. His current duties involve working with "suicidal" troops and spouses. This is a very challenging assignment, which takes a toll on him mentally & emotionally; especially since one of his cousins (my 16 year old niece) had successfully comitted suicide (by hanging herself from her bedroom door) four years ago ~ and it is still very fresh in memory & pain.

    My other son was stationed in Italy - at USAG Vicenza. He was just deployed to Afghanistan (three weeks now), for a 9-month stay. His job is Fire Support Specialist & Airborne.

    They are both newlyweds (just married last year), and my oldest has a one-year old son (my first grandchild).

    Needless to say, I am very proud of the two men I have raised & heartily "Thank Them Both" for their services to defend & protect our Country!!
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    and you should be proud, they've obviously been raised right!! I've got a son who did 9 in the Navy onboard the submarine Alabama. Now he works for the Navy as a civilian. I'm pretty proud of him too. I'll keep your sons in my prayers and especially for youngest son's safe return from A-stan.

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    Congratulation sortiz99, for your sons. Sorry to hear about your niece. Being a firefighter/medic I've had to deal with several suicides, the last was a 16 year old mad at her boy friend, very tragic. I also have two in the military. One Army, he's at FT Campbell. The other is Air Force. She's in Aviano Italy. Very proud of both.
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