Clyde's throws out disabled vet because of "disruptive service dog"
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Thread: Clyde's throws out disabled vet because of "disruptive service dog"

  1. Clyde's throws out disabled vet because of "disruptive service dog"


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    Getting a dog and keeping it at your business does not make it a guard dog. A true guard dog should have been able to act appropriately in that situation. No mention was made of Ellie misbehaving.

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    Hey, I'm going to take my pet to work and deny a federally protected service dog from entering.

    I think the owner should be allowed to say who he wants to serve... However, I think it's disgusting that he'd deny service to a DAV and his service dog if both the DAV and service dog were behaving.
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    I believe Clyde's "guard dog" needs additional training.

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    When every employee in the store is armed why does he need a guard dog during business hours? As a business owner he has a lot of liability hanging over his head with that Doberman in his shop.

    What happens if the Doberman goes after a customer? If the guard dog alerts on another dog then it is not trained as a guard dog, its just the family pet.
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