How could one take this.
How can a mind survive.
All of the pain and anguish, they endure.
They are human.
They feel.
They love.
They hurt.
Can anyone help that hurt.
I do not know.
But honestly,
I don't think so...
If you have the HONOR,
To meet a soldier,
Shake his or her hand.
Please thank them.
Honor them.
Respect them.
Love them.
We can never truly know,
What they have witnessed.
We can never know,
What their eyes have seen.
We can never know,
The pain they feel and endure.
We can never know,
The thoughts they carry with them for the rest of their lives.
We can never know,,, never know,,, never know.
They do this for you and I.
Without regret,
Without remorse.
And they would do it again for us.
They would do it again for their soldier brothers & sisters.
For the ones who died, beside them.
Without a thought for themselves.
They are true heroes......

Joe Sobotka