"We need your honor...."
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Thread: "We need your honor...."

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    "We need your honor...."

    Fine, then let's see that honor demonstrated by the Commander in Chief first.

    “We need your honor, that inner compass that guides you, not when the path is easy and obvious, but it’s hard and uncertain, that tells you the difference between that which is right and that which is wrong,” Obama said. “Perhaps it will be the moment when you think nobody’s watching. But never forget that honor, like character, is what you do when nobody’s looking.”
    Practice what you preach, Mr. President. You have no moral authority to make such a demand.

    Let me paraphrase your other remark from this address:

    “Those who commit dereliction of duty after receiving numerous please for help, who order troops to stand down when our ambassador and his staff are being murdered, who direct the IRS to target conservatives and others with whose ideology you personally disagree, who tell Christians that they must fund abortion and give vocal approval to homosexuality in violation of their First Amendment Rights, who direct the Department of State to provide funding and weapons to islamic terrorist organizations and hostile governments, and who direct immigration and other law enforcement agencies not to enforce our laws regarding illegal aliens, just to give a few examples, are not only committing a crime, they threaten the trust and discipline that makes our country strong.”

    True leadership doesn't make demands of others that it doesn't first make of itself.

    Obama to Navy grads: ?We need your honor? | Boston Herald

    BTW, Mr. President, does that inner compass to which you refer point to the True North of God's Word (the Bible) or to the magnetic east of the kaaba stone?

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    We have such a bunch of cowardly people in Congress, that we are doomed if we do not clean house. Big money controls this country, and I for one am in agreement with sharing some of their wealth. How about it mr. Soros, Just a few billion added to Social Security would help us all out. Also a few billion for those in the service that have saved your sorry butt and made you as rich as you are. NO MORE pay for Congress and the (gulp) President, if you can call him that. Note the omission of (Mr.). Lets take back what is ours and now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am old and slow, BUT dead on with my aim!!

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