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    Feb 2008
    Inland Empire
    Thank you gun runner, hopefully our patrons will
    not take up too much of your time, seems that
    almost every week a new social group evolves with
    a solid clientelle of expert/owners in their weapons of choice,
    and those groups have some real savvy owners/users in them.
    Thanks from all In Vets and Guns.

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    Dec 2008
    Hello Everyone, I'm happy to be a member of the Vets forum! Thank You for the kind intro Canis-Lupus!

    US Army
    Sergeant E-5
    Observation Aircraft Repairer
    88 - 93

    Proud to say I did my part in Operation Desert Shield/Storm.

    To all of the Vietman Vets in this forum......."Welcome Home"

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    Feb 2008
    Inland Empire

    Thumbs up

    Today I introduce you to gun lover.
    Former U.S. Army, 76 - 83 with a maintenance background.
    He is a "Lifetime hunter/fisherman. Outdoor lover".
    Calls Maine home with a primary carry weapon a NAA 22mag
    All Firearms: a Remington 870, a Remington 742
    a CVA Optima Pro and just in case we all get Obaminized he packs a Crossbow too!
    I have the same in a pistol X-bow w/scope, good for <20ft tops!
    Will work fine on a close-in BG! He is an NRA member.
    We came in the same year, we both wore OD-Greens & our drills were mostly 'Nam Vets.
    Very different Army back then. What part of the Cold War 'fun' did you end up in?
    We have a gun-runner patron so please make sure the names don't get too mix-match, thanks.
    Please welcome gun lover.


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    Hi C/L,
    I forgot about the little pistol X-bow, got one of those too! I got out as an E-5 on the E-6 countdown. Almost made the next grade, but had a better offer on the outside. got out and started a repair business and ran it for about 10 years, then the co-owner died and I decided to move on. Never looked back!

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    Feb 2008
    Inland Empire

    Thumbs up Vets and Guns accepts our 79th member! Tophog.

    It is my pleasure to present Tophog. A U.S. Navy Veteran.
    Like me after Army retirement an ex Kalifornia native who lived in:
    "Hollywood, the land of fruits, nuts and flakes". Yup been there thought that too!
    Tophog was a USN gunner, '76-'80, now calling Pahrump, NV home.
    His interests include ATF - alcohol, tobacco and firearms! "Whose bringing the snacks?"
    [is that as in consuming & shooting them, or part of a liaison type deal with their agents?]
    Occupation is a sign painter, custom paint & graphics on vehicles,
    I wish you lived where I do, got a honey SUV I want some paint-work on.
    His primary carry weapon is an AMT .380 Backup
    All Firearms: Beretta 92, (nice) an AMT Hardballer a Ruger Blackhawk .41 mag,
    a Ruger Blackhawk .357, a Ruger Single Six .22, and a Ruger Charger .22!
    Do you own $hares in Ruger M8?
    We all welcome you to this growing and informative social group.
    Get comfortable and post when you feel like it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Canis-Lupus View Post
    Veterans and Guns welcomes drarmament from Victorville, California.
    US Army (retired) and enjoying shooting & discussing weapons.
    Occupation is a TACOM Armament LAR, gotta be Army with some ABC's I may need to look up Who says we get into acronyms here?
    Firearms are a Glock 32C and a Lebel Cav rifle 8MM (exotic piece!).
    His affiliations include the NRA and he lists a MySpace URL of 'drarmament'. Also inbound is Templar, a US Army Veteran served from 1988-1993. Calling Rising Sun, Maryland home. You will find some fellow U.S. Army patrons here! And to complete a trio of new members I present lmiller0311. A former U.S. Marine from Ohio who is into hunting, fishing, shooting and sports. Occupation lists Sales - Self Employed, cool. Primary carry gun is a Kimber 45. All Firearms: "Several". OK. Affiliations include the NRA, Duck's Unlimited (Fowl play? JK!)
    We welcome you all to Vets and Guns fellow Veterans


    Welcome to the group from the peanut state (GA)

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    welcome TOPHOG from a fellow swabbie.

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    Feb 2008
    Inland Empire

    Thumbs up Welcoming our 80th Member!

    Veterans and Guns is proud to present jcg0506.
    He is a U.S.A.F Veteran from 1972-1976 who spent time at Pentagon,
    and WEST-Germany, the wall was still up and the best Red
    was a dead one when U 'n me were there! Or so I was told.
    Running communications Cold War CEOI's and VinCen's, AN-PRC-77's,
    TA-312's, two-niner-two's maybe? Nah, that's Army como kit.
    Hailing from West Virginia. Almost heaven? (JK)
    jcg0506 is into target shooting 'n nascar!
    Occupation is a mechanic. Figures with a liking for nascar.
    Carry gun is a CHARTER ARMS. (model?)
    All Firearms include a Colt AR-15, SKS, Mosin-Nagant,
    Winchester 30-30, Winchester 32 "and other handguns".
    A member of both the NRA and American Legion. Me too.
    Please welcome jcg0506 to our growing social group.


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    welcome to the show from the peanut state and NAVY

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    Feb 2008
    Inland Empire

    Thumbs up Growing by the day and by the Veteran!

    Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to ricbak,
    who is BTW a Bronze Site supporter for USA Carry.
    He comes to us with a Vietnam history in the Corp,
    11/67 thru 4/70 USMC E-4 RVN, 8/68 thru 4/70
    1st FSR/FLC Da Nang! 67-70, 13 mos tours for the Corps
    and that means you did multiple tours!
    You got to be a Marine mano! Kudos for your service!
    Semper Fidelis to this new member who calls the
    Northwest Territories Oakland County MI home.
    He enjoys hockey, scuba and 'Go Blue', (will wiki that 1!).
    He is a Machine Tool Controls Engineer and packs a
    primary carry Berretta 92FS, (flash-back-ing me!).
    Listing some real neat other firearms to include
    a Ruger Super Redhawk .44 7.5" w/ 2x Leupold
    98%, and an original 1832, 58 caliber Musket (Flintlock)
    He belongs to the NRA and the MCRGO (err, Marine Corps acronym 4 sure)
    We welcome you to Veterans and Guns, you will find
    that there are enough fellow Marine Vets already members
    here that you probably have a platoon sized unit already waiting
    to welcome you on-board!
    Also joining today is Madpegtod, who lists Navy Vet and ARNG
    as a military past USN, maybe a present AR/NG contract?
    I guess that may clear with his 1st post. Being a Vet is enough.
    He is from Georgia with a primary carry weapon Springfield XD45
    and he is a member of GeorgiaCarry.org.
    En-joy your stay guys and post when you can!


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