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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    I am currently on active duty in the US Navy and have been for the last 23+ years I am currently an Senior Chief (E-8).

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    Apr 2008
    Home of The Brave

    Proud to Have Served

    Went in as an enlisted Recruit (E-1) and Retired as a Navy Captain (0-6)
    Very Respectfully,

  4. Retired 1SG/E8 after 23+ yrs. U.S. Army!
    1SG Rod Halford(U.S. Army Retired)
    LM NRA

  5. 8 years active army, left an O-3. MI.

    2 years IDF.

    Now I have teenage daughters, which is much harder :-)

  6. E-6 SSGT U.S.Marines

    Primary Mos 0321
    Additional Mos's 8541, 8654, 8653,8652,0311,0341

    Peace out

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    Navy32man, Captain Mike, welcome from another Navy man. 11 years HM1 (SW/AW), Disability put me out, otherwise career.
    M1 Garand, Kimber Custom Carry II, Ruger P-95, Mossberg Persuader 12ga., Charles Daly 12ga(My gobbler gobbler)

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    USAF Vietnam Vet- Feb '67 to Feb '71
    E-4 (Sgt)-(called Senior Airman now)
    Primary AFSC-461x0: Munitions/Ordnance Maintenance Specialist; Bomb Dump, Ammo Area
    Secondary AFSC-811x0: OJT Air/Security Police at Westover AFB (SAC) Mass. Sep '68 to Jun '69
    2 tours duty SEA, NKP RTAFB, APO 96310, Aug '67 to Sep '68 & Jun '69 to Feb '71
    Basic Training: Amarillo AFB TX, Feb '67 to Mar '67
    Technical Training: Lowry TTC, AFB CO, Mar '67 to Sep '67
    "When you're in the wrong place, at the wrong time and doing the wrong thing and you get a load of 00 buck shot in your rear end, it's your bad luck." R.F. (Frank) Dingus

  9. One of the startest things I have read since i got out.

    served in OIF3

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    my rank

    I was a E-6 with the ASA came home after 4 years.

  11. '77-'83 USN got out as a 2nd Class Fire Control Technician(E-5). I worked on the radar and computers that controlled the 5" guns on a couple of tin cans. Made it to the Persian Gulf before anyone ever heard of Bahrain. I wouldn't trade that time for anything now that I look back on it.

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