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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick O'Shay View Post
    Push-button E-5
    Push-button E-5??? What is that?
    Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions.
    James Madison

  3. Did my turn in the rice, and rain, as a combat medic.... Left honorably as an E-5...1967
    It crossed my mind to stay in, but I figured I did what the United States Government
    asked, instead of running to Canada... That being said, I'm proud of me...

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    Still Serving Afterwards!

    Sergeant First Class - Retired
    USA - Infantry

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    Communist Occupied Northern VA
    TM2/SS (E-5) as the Ships Armorer a.k.a. Small Arms Petty Officer
    US Navy, TM2/SS, 1991 to 1996

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    USAF Captain

    Once a fighter pilot, ALWAYS a fighter pilot!

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    Corporal (E-4), Machinegunner USMC - Aug '01-'05. Iraq '03 (OIF I) & '04 (OIF II).
    Kilo Co. 3rd BN. 7th Marines, 1st Mar. Div
    Fallen Brothers:

    Cpl. Kerns, Lcpl. Vangyzen, Lcpl. Lugo, Medal of Honor recipient Cpl. Dunham, Lcpl. Torres, Gysgt. Fontecchio

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    Thumbs up What Was Your Rank?

    I served 26 years. I was a lieutenant-colonel serving in the Pentagon when I got a great job opportunity on the outside. To retire in grade I needed 3 years. I had 2, so retired with rank of Major. Turned out to be the very best for my family so it's OK. Any of you out there serve with AFRTS? I was the XO of AFN in Germany and the Commander of SEB, the network for Italy, Sicily and Sardinia. AFRTS, now AFN does a great job for all troops and their families overseas and does it well. Still going strong too!
    Maj. USA (Ret)

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    I'm still active duty but I'm an E-5 (SSgt.) in the Air Force.

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    U. S. Army Captain

    I am a disabled vet who served in the US Army for 9 years, 18 months of which were oversees which included a tour in Vietnam. I was both Jumpmaster and Flight Commander and was honorably discharged at the rank of Captain. On a very personal note, I wish to thank all those men and women who served and are serving in our Armed Forces. I know I am not alone when I say your sacrifices to protect us all are greatly appreciated.

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    Spec 4 (medic). 1 tour RVN 1967.

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