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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    May 2009
    Washington, two miles south of Canadian border
    I got out after six years; Cpt US Army Dustoff pilot, RVN 1967-68, 1970-71

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    Conway, Arkansas
    30 years, United States Air Force. First 5 with the 97th Bomb Wing, SAC. Last 5 as the Senior Air Force Liaison to the Commander in Chief, United States Naval Forces, Europe (lol). A joint forces wartime construction management organization. Several years with Red Horse. I thank all of you for your service. But I especially thank the guys with the stripes. I was awarded these eagles, not because of the great and wonderful things I did, but because of all the great and wonderful things my airmen and NCOs did.

    I salute you.

  4. USMC - EOD, Retired MSgt (Wife says Retarded... LOL). 1981 - 2004

    Been to the finest places in Asia. Now trying to live the Jimmy Buffet lifestyle as much as possible! Riding my Harley, relaxing & working...

    Exactly in that order as much as possible!

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    USAF Chief Master Sergeant - Retired with 30 years active duty service (1958-1988). Overseas tours included the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, Pacific ( 2 tours) and the Mediterrean.

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    USAF, E3 in a frozen career field with frozen rank in frozen Montana and the idiots wanted to know why I wasn't reenlisting
    Dacono CO
    CCW, Ruger LCR, Winchester 94, S&W 686-3

  7. USN '77-'83 got out as an E-5. Wouldn't trade my time for anything. (Maybe some of the stupid stuff I did occasionally though

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    USAF SSGT(E-5), Missile Facilities Tech. Titan II ICBM Missile Combat Crew Member

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    USAF SSGT. Started on C141's, C130's in South East Asia finished my time on C5A's.

  10. Smile The Good Life

    I enlisted in the AF in 1969 as an Airman Basic and fell into some "special activities" type work which took me to Thule Greenland for a year (i.e. 11 mos, 2 wks, and 4 days). While at Tutiful Booley I learned that the AF had an education and commissioning program which I was able to enter and graduate BSEE in 1975 and was commissioned a Second Looey. Then is was Keesler AFB, MS for a tech school; Boston, MA to help engineer the AWACS E3A for the US and NATO; then to Andrews AFB, MD for HQ mgmt of the AWACS program. Out of the blue, the AF offers to send me to their grad school for a MSEE specializing in something called "Low Observables" which in common terms is "Stealth"; so I went to Wright Patterson AFB, OH for grad school and remained there to work stealth engineering on such stuff as the F-117A which was a career highlight! Next to the Pentagon to work on more interesting stuff; and then to Los Angeles for more interesting stuff not to mention the sun and surf; then back to the Pentagon to help the AF re-engineer the way we acquire our systems; then a short diversion to Defense Acquisition University as the Dean for Research and Consulting; then back to the Pentagon to work some issues in Information Warfare. Having entered in 1969 to do only my four years and then out, I stayed because the people were so well focused and appreciated the value of the mission and there just wasn't ever a dull moment, that I just kept going and going until 32.5 years later when I felt that it was my time to transition to industry and support my brothers in arms in the next generation. So I retired on 1 Oct 2001 as an 0-6 Colonel. Just after the 9-11 tragedy and my prayers are for those still serving in uniform and I am grateful for their dedication to keep our beautiful nation safe and secure.

    Lord Bless,

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    Woman Marine, SSGT, 1968-1980

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