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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    What Was Your Rank?

    I was a 1st Lt when I got out of the Marines about 32 years ago.

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    Welcome Lt. Semper-Fi sir
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    FT2 (E-5)
    USS Hoel DDG13

  5. Still in the Army, E-6 Staff Sergeant.

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    retired U.S.A.F as an E-6 TSgt now a DoD civilian doing the same job without the uniform and the ********, life is much better.
    1978 Lackland, Chanute, Dover, 1982 Loring, 1983-87 Robins,1987-94 RAF Alconbury, 1994-98 Dover.
    SAC trained nuclear warrior!
    Thou shalt maintain thy airspeed...lest the ground come up and smite thee

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    Ranker than some, not as rank as others.
    - enfield

    Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.

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    I got out of the Army as an E-4 in 1972.

    Enlisted at Omaha, NB with my father being my recruiter. I caught plenty of crap from the DI's for my father enlisting me while I was going through basic. January to March 1970 Ft. Leanoard Wood for basic. Stationed at Ft. Gordon, GA for AIT - Communications Specialist. Vietnam 1970-1971 with the 36th Signal Btn.At first I was an Orders Clerk, cutting orders sending other GI's back to the US. Got out of the office thing and was a comm. specialist the rest of my RVN tour. DEROS'd to CONUS and ended up at Ft. Polk, LA. OJT'd as a hospital corpsman/drug counselor in the Drug and Alcohol Detox Program - Project Direction. The military was cutting back on personel so I took an early out from active duty and went into the NG for the next year or so. Had a difficult transition from Vietnam to stateside duty and especially when I went into the NG. My NG unit was a mechanized infantry outfit about 80 miles south of Houston, TX, but I was the only Vietnam Vet. Dishcarged from the NG in 1973 as an E-3.

    Did volunteer work at a Vet Center when they first opened up. Have been working at a VA hospital for the past 22 years.
    "If you seek peace, prepare for war"

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    Joined the Air Force in Nov 77. Spent 4 years at Dyess AFB in Tx. as a B-52D Bomb/Nav Technician working on the computers and radar to make sure the bombs and nukes hit the target, as needed.

    In Oct of 81, I cross-trained into Command and Control in SAC. Was stationed at Castle AFB in Ca. Then spent time at Williams AFB in Az. My last 2.5 years was spent in Japan at Misawa AB, before being put out during the force reduction that was going on in 87. I seperated as a SSgt/E-5 with a pending line number for TSgt that I never got.

    I had a lot of good memories from my time in service, but the last few years were full of BS thanks to a **** head of a Msgt that was my NCOIC.

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    Master Sergeant United States Army. Retired 2004
    "When a government robs Peter to pay Paul it will alway's have the support of Paul" George Bernard Shaw

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    Norfolk, VA
    Been in the navy for a little over 9 years now. Currently i am a STG2(SW) Sonar tech second class E-5. Hopefully if my rate opens up a little bit i will make E-6 this year.

    People only fear what they do not understand, instead of fearing things, learn about them.

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