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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    USAF Sgt (e-4) got out after four years

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    Did 4 years as a RA in the ASA branch of the US Army. Got out as a SPC 5. MOS was 32F20 Fixed Ciphony Repair. Did a year in Nam with the 509th RRG at Tan Son Nhut from Mar '67 to Mar. '68. Son has been in Reg. Army almost 10 years now. Has done tours in Bosnia and Iraq; currently at Ft. Riley, Ks. RODGE

  4. 11 years US Army. Ordnance branch. ETS 1985. Dept of Army civ. from 1986 until retirement in 2007. Still serving as an American Legion active.

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    For the longest time I regretted being medically retired as I missed the structure in my life. Still, I can say without reservation, the government got more than their share from me. Now, it wasn’t glamorous and it sure as hell wasn't heroic, but it was eventful ~

    US Army (Ret)
    “Monsters are real and so are ghosts. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win.”
    ~ Stephen King

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    Spc 5 US Army 95C20 (correctional specialist) secondary 95B20 Military Police

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    I was an E-4 in the Army, though for my last year I was in a Section Sergeant position in Iraq.

  8. U.S Navy 1955-1959 active, 2 years reserves. Discharged as a MMC on the USS Dasheill (DD659). Only regret is that I did not stay in.

    Smooth Seas

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    92-02 AD Army as 19D
    02-08 WANG as 19d and 91Y
    All as E-4 SPC

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    I made PFC 3 times and ended up a E-4 before I got out but that was back in the old days right after Vietnam and they couldn't keep anyone in the army everyone was coming back and getting out then they even had a deal (not me) where a judge could give you the option of jail or the military.
    1978-1981 Active duty army
    1984-1988 Army reserves

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    S/Sgt 11th Airborne Div
    Served 1951-55
    18 mo. tour in Korea 52-53

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