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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    Apr 2010
    WA State
    My first post to here is to my fellow Army brothers.

    I enlisted E-1. Made E-5 in three years. 11B2P Airborne Infantry

    Then it was suggested I look into Officer Candidate School. OCS chose the Signal Corps for me and I got out after 1LT(P) 25A...6 years total. I cracked my tailbone on a night jump into a ditch on Veghel DZ in Ft Campbell. Not enough damage for a medical out...but enough to keep me from being an asset to the team.

    I worked with the best men in the Army. Other than being my son's dad, this was the best time of my life.

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    Active duty Air Force, got out as an E5. 20 years later went into the Army Guard as an E5, which is where I'm currently sitting.

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    US Army 1960/1962 Fort Knox, Ky / Fort Monmouth, NJ. Signal Corps USARDL. Discharged as E4.

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    handgonnetoter Guest
    In 1983 - 1987, USMC. Pretty quiet four years - did them and got out as a Corporal (E-4).

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    May 2010
    Indiana/New Haven
    E-4 11C 4.2 in. Heavy mortar
    XD40sc.....FNP-9.....Walther P22.....KelTec 380.....HiPoint C-9
    Olympic AR-15.....Saiga 7.62.....S&W M&P 15-22
    Mossberg 500.....Saiga 12 Just getting started

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    Retired E-8 USAF

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    What Was Your Rank?

    Active Duty since 97. I am a CDR (O-5).

    Tell 'em CDR Glock sent ya!

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    Adding to the USMC line:
    MSgt (E-8) Retired 1993

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    Ct2 (e5), usn. 1962-1966.
    Curt Lovelace
    Bible believing, gun toting pastor
    Acton, Maine

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    USMC -- 1966 to 1969 E4
    From a Marine Sniper -- "you can run but you will just die tired"
    Semper Fi

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